How Influencer Marketing Works for Brands [Infographic]


We all know “Content is King”

Not really, Influencer Marketing is popular & it is the new king.

If you want to boost your marketing ROI, Influencer marketing will work.

Just pay an influencer to promote your brand, instead of marketing directly to the huge number of consumers.

Today’s, many brands are also teaming up with influencers on social media platforms to reach new audiences.

Customers look to influencers before they make any purchase decision.

This new brand promotion strategy – We call it “Influencer Marketing“. It is the easiest way to reach to your potential customers & build trust.

After all, influencers bring ROI to the businesses – not because of their fame – but because of their ability to connect with their audiences.

Let’s see some statistics with this influencer strategy

70% of young YouTube subscribers trust influencer view as compared to traditional celebrities.
☑ With this strategy, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 spent on Influencer marketing
81% of marketers – Influencer marketing is an effective way for brand exposure.
51% of marketers – With influencer marketing businesses, believe they get better & loyal customers.
59% of marketers – Influencer marketing budgets have been increased from last year (2018).

Working with Influencers can fulfill many different types of goal

☑ Introduce your brand to new audiences.
☑ Educating about your product or service.
☑ When popular sites link to yours, it can give you a huge boost in SEO.
☑ Showing your products in context helps potential customers envision how that could use them too.
☑ Influencers can help to grow your social media following.
☑ You can use influential people to help reverse negative opinions & reviews.
☑ Customers reviews & endorsements sell more products.
☑ Customer-created content is more trust-worthy than branded content.

The Shelf shares the infographic on how influencer marketing can increase your conversions by 10x:

influencer-marketing-for brand-infographic

Infographic Original Link: The Shelf


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