15 Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques for 2019 [Infographic]

Effective Social Media Marketing Technique

Social media marketing is always been a game-changing platform for businesses.

Social media platforms that are used worldwide include; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

For the year 2019, it’s estimated that 3.5 billion (which is around 40% of the world population) people will use social media across the globe.

In 2019, social media is not just networking sites, it is much more.

From online selling to advertising a product, social media platforms are used for multiple marketing purposes.

Any large to small scale businesses need to be presence & market their products or services on social media to drive sales & revenue.

So, What exactly Social Media Marketing mean?

In short, social media marketing is the process of reaching to your target audience & sales them your products/services to generate revenue for your businesses.

With the increase of internet accessibility through mobile devices, social media marketing gained a lot of popularity in the eye of businesses. As it is considered to be the cheapest & convenient way to reach your customer.

Social media marketing revolves around creating engaging content in various forms like text, video, image, etc., that can be liked & shared by users within their networks.

Capsicum Media Works share some of the best social media strategies for businesses.

Here is the Overview:

☑ Create Multimedia Based Content
☑ Customized Posting
☑ Engaging Contests or Campaigns
☑ Focus on Less Popular Social Networks
☑ Create a Company Page on LinkedIn
☑ Brand Setup on Social Media Profiles
☑ Build Communities & Conduct Events
☑ Integrate Both Online – Offline Campaigns
☑ Make Use of Offers/Discounts on Facebook
☑ Make Use of Social Media Tricks
☑ Respond to Comments
☑ Conduct Online Polls & Surveys
☑ Follow a Systematic Posting Schedule
☑ Focus On Online Marketing Metrics
☑ Track & Share Results

The below infographic will give you detailed information about successful social media strategies:


Infographic Original Link: Capsicum Media Works


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