11 Technical On-Site SEO Issues you Should Solve in 2019 [Infographic]


According Search Engine Land, SEO industry is worth $65 billion in 2019.

Everyone wants to rank their website on top of the Google 1st Page. Having a basic Knowledge of SEO is very important for any website owner.

But in reality, people don’t have enough knowledge of SEO.

Whenever SEO problems occured on their website, they don’t know what to do or what issues affecting their search engine ranking.

According to one research by SEMrush, people who have websites frequently struggle with technical SEO i.e On-site SEO.

Website owner really need to be solve any technical SEO issue in order to be truly succeed on Google

Now, the question arise – What are those SEO issues you should be focused on?

SEMrush share 11 most common technical on-site errors in below infographic:


Infographic Original Link: SEMrush


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