Visual Content: 14 Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2019 [Infographic]

Content will always be “King“.

From last few years, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are completely overloaded with visual content, as marketers understand the importance of visual content.

Marketers should know what can bring more engagement & online growth.

Visual content can be of many types like:

1. Infographics
2. Videos
3. Images
4. Memes
5. Presentation
6. Screenshots

These all types of visuals content are rapidly becoming a part of content marketing strategies.

Make your content stand out to stay ahead of your competitor, by adding these elements of visuals

Now the big question arises in the mind of Businesses

What kind of visual content can catch the attention of a target audience?

The answer is – “Anything in Visual

Over 500 online marketers were surveyed on how visual content influenced their marketing strategies in 2018, and what their plans are for 2019

Here are the findings from the reports:

☑ According to 56% of marketers, they use visuals elements in their content almost 100% of the time.

☑ Stock photographs are frequently used for visual content marketing, infographics are also implemented.

☑ Most of the marketers consider visual marketing a useful element in their content strategy.

Despite the advantages, marketers find it challenging to come up with consistent visuals for their brand and wish to automate the content as much as possible.

In spite of benefits, many marketers find it challenging to think creative visuals consistently for their brand.

Venngage share the infographic on how the visual marketing stats can help in your own branding process:


Infographic Original Link: Venngage


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